Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome to the Cannibal Horde

This is just to establish some opening thoughts to vet out later. At some point if the doomer-predicted collapse happens there will be a certain division of the people.

The Rangers
I'm using the Tolkien model to point out that there will be ready made groups of armed men formed from remnant military and paramilitary organizations. They will be primarily interested in providing for their own people; close friends and family. They will be heavily armed and organized. They will dominate any area where they show up in force. They will also be a tiny minority.

The Sheeple
This group will comprise the great mass of the human population. People with no idea how to live without cell phones, electricity and WalMart. You will be able to spot a sheeple because they will be standing by a dead car in a pouring rain talking futiley to a dead cell phone while wearing flip flops; in winter. Harvesting the sheeple's resources will be the primary occupation of the other groups for some time after the collapse.

The Cannibal Horde
These are going to be the remnant groups that are not included in the Rangers but have no intention of being Sheeple. The Rangers are going to fleece the Sheeple.

We're going after the mutton.

This is the recipe book and guidelines for successfully becoming a Cannibal Horde. Topics will be recipes, cooking, storage, avoiding Rangers, Horde organization and others as they come up.

Stay tuned.